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  1. Dear Fellow Classmates,

    My name is Katherine. I am a sophomore majoring in English. I enjoyed reading the first part of this novel mostly because of the perspective that it is written in. This first part is focused on Ana at ten years old how she went from riding her bike in the streets to those same streets being taken over by sniper shots. When the civil war broke out in Yugoslavia Ana lost her sense of safety and life being consumed by the constant panic of the people. Having to do the air rapid drills, food rationing, and then having to deal with the death of her parents. At her age, I definitely was not practicing how to protect myself from airdrops. I was dodging dodgeballs during gym class, not bullets. The one thing that stood out to me is how Ana is challenged to find her place in a city that is crumbling and with no guidance from her parents since they were killed. I am looking forward to reading pt. two and to see how Ana changes and makes this a big learning lesson.

    Thank you,
    Katherine Carnahan

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    1. Hey Katherine! I agree, at Ana age I was also dodging from dodgeballs and not bullets. I think that’s what makes Ana story unique and Her brave. She went experienced that at an age when many of us was just beginning to start 5th grade, she had to hear the bullets, witness her country downfall etc. She exposed to so much that she going to most likely prevail from later in the story most likely. Ana is truly an inspiration and we haven’t even finish the book yet.

      Santonio Bailey


  2. Hello everyone! After reading part two and watching Dr. McCoy’s video. 10 years later we see Ana in Manhatten, New York for college trying to start her own life, but the constant memories of the war that she so desperately is trying to escape are consuming her. She does not tell anyone about the type of tragedy she has had to deal with when she younger. She thinks she has found an escape from her harsh past but then, 9/11 happens and she struggles to feel safe again. She makes a courageous decision to go back to Yugoslavia but is very hesitant. Going back was a big culture shock to her since she has not seen the city since the war. She was welcomed back by officers and the community but, when she went to visit Luka his grandmother did not recognize her. Luka greeted her with open arms. He took her on a tour around the city to show her all of the changes and improvements that they made after the war to make it more of a tourist attraction. one attraction that was mentioned was ‘The Wall of Pain’ that each brick is for each person passed away during the war. Things take a turn when she leaving the barely ground where her parents are buried. Seeing her have to guts to go back to a place that scarred her for life is so empowering and brave of her.

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    1. Hi everyone! I want to add some commentary to what you are saying, we see Ana in college, 10 years later. To describe what she is now doing, from her eventful childhood, i chose freedom by Nicki Minaj to represent as my illustration. The link is to Nicki Minaj posing in her freedom video, in this picture she’s wearing an gold gown and crown on her head to describe her freedom. I feel like Ana is free, although she goes back to home country, its different. Those memories of childhood trauma haven’t left her mind, but shes free, she can get an good education, and start the future she always wanted, the future she envisioned.;_ylt=AwrEzNRRKn1fqpkAalqJzbkF;_ylu=c2VjA3NyBHNsawNpbWcEb2lkAzQ1YjU4ZTliNDkyZDdkNmVkMzEwMmIzZWRlNmQ2MTFlBGdwb3MDMQRpdANiaW5n?…&b=0&ni=56&no=1&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=fltr0dRin8hi&sigb=UuAttluXV1Ua&sigi=NOBkqH3mCVBI&sigt=xCDYjtHwCMSx&.crumb=brxJS6L9UY4&fr=jnazafzv&
      Santonio Bailey (English 101)


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