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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Marquis but people call me Q (among other nicknames). I am a freshman this year and my major is Hospitality Management. The quote I’ll be using is on page 14: “Then the alarm. The grained crackle of shoddy audio equipment. The howl of the siren, like a woman crying out through a megaphone…” I choose this line because it reminded me of when my family and I had to get somewhere safe due to a tornado in our area. Sirens were heard throughout the city, the tv’s read ” Tornado Warning in the following counties…” and it was a scary time. I was young and didn’t grasp what was going on after the fact. Regarding the tex, I can only imagine what it would have been like to be in the same situation, but with pilots bombing your neighborhood and killing the people you love. I think this book will show great fear for the main character and detail her life as she experienced the war first hand. I also found it shocking that as young as these kids were, they were already familiar with safe houses in the area and was always on alert for an attack. I’m excited to continue reading and see where part 2 takes us next. Thank you.

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    1. Hello Marquis, I am Matthew. As same as you, I found some stories about myself in the book too. I heard some stories about war from my grandparents, It was really cruel and terrifying. In my country, we do not have tornados but we do have a lot of typhoons every year. And it often causes a lot of damage to my country, that’s really our nightmare during the summer.


  2. Hello everyone,
    My name is Camille and I am a biology major with a minor in creative writing here at USCB and I am a junior. This discussion is in referring to part l of Girl at War. When I watched Once Brothers it was very informational because I did not know too much about the wars in that part of Europe. I learned a lot. Girl at War is a very interesting read. I like the dialogue and the presentation of the characters. The details support every aspect of the first part of the novel so far. On page 13 it states: “Why do you dress like a boy?” a pigtailed girl asked me once.
    “It’s easier to play football in pants,” I told her. The real reason was that they were my neighbor’s clothes and we couldn’t afford anything else.” I find this quote very telling of what kind of person Ana is. Eventhough she is so young her defense mechanisms in a way show a sense of maturity. I am exited to see more character development within this novel.
    Have a good night everyone!
    – Camille

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  3. Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Hou. You guys can also call me Matt. I come from Taipei, Taiwan. I am a freshman, and my major is Business administration. In the first part of the novel, what impressed me most was that the author describes the circumstances under which they came under air attack. This reminds me of the story my grandmother told me that what happened in her childhood. An outlying island in Taiwan is called Kinmen; there is the place that my grandparents and my father grew up. At that time, the Chinese Civil war between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party and Kinmen was in the front line, so the CCP was often bombed. The scene is very shocking, and no matter is in Eastern Europe or East Asia, especially if your family members have been through such hardships. The mention of war at the beginning of the book made me feel really sad because my family had experienced that kind of fear, makes me can realize how helpless they are.

    ——- Matthew Hou (English 101)

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    1. Hello Matthew 🙂 Even though I can’t really relate to the story of your grandparents and father but I can relate to when you mentioned “war” and “hardships”. My mother is actually in the military and every time she would deploy, it broke my heart because I did not know if I would see her again and I would live in fear for her life over mine. The hardships she endured just for being a woman in the army wasn’t enough but as well as raising two boys on her own while still in college and sofa-surfing. Not to mention how many times we moved states/ schools. I felt helpless because I was just a kid and no one takes children seriously, not even back then. But, I do understand whole-heartedly where you are coming from.


    2. Hello Matt,
      Thank you for sharing with us what your grandmother shared with you. War is so heartbreaking and it causes so much destruction for any side. Though I do not know much about wars reading this novel has really given me an interesting perspective. The helpless and the scared are pounded to no return and it is so sad.


  4. Hello everyone, it is Matthew here again! I hope you guys are doing well! After reading all the comments, I noticed that Marquis and I look at it in the same way; some of the book’s scenes remind us of some of our own stories. I think the best thing about reading this book is that you can find some resonance with myself. This made me look forward to developing the book’s plot and finishing it as soon as I can. After I read Camille’s comment, she uses what the characters say to hammer out the character’s personality and characteristics. I think that is really helpful for understanding a book. Understanding the characters of the book is to really appreciate some of the decisions and understand why the story is the way it is. Her sharing also made me pay more attention to the characters’ details in the book and put them into my thinking when I read next time.

    ————- Matthew Hou (English101)


  5. This photo’s scene is less than 5 kilometers away from my grandparents’ home; the stories about the war that took place 71 years ago are still alive today. The ruthlessness of war is what I find most impressive in this book. It is also a survival story, and she has to use her body to survive. However, that kind of survival is combined with love because it seems like there is always something special. Only a strong desire for life and the power of love can survive both mentally and physically and maintain a passion for life. That is what I learned from my grandparents, love and courage, coupled with the determination not to suffer, merely to live, make men strong and great.


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